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Create a Data Entry form for an Access database

Learn to create a form to make entering data into your database easier

forms in access

While it is easy enough to enter data into a table using the table datasheet view in Access, it is more professional to use a custom form.

Follow these steps to create a data entry form for the database we created in the First Steps with Access 2013 step by step tutorial:

Start the Form Wizard
Click the Create tab on the Ribbon and click the Form Wizard button.

From the Tables/Queries dropdown list choose Clubmembers and, as you'll be entering data for all the fields in the table click the double chevron (>>) to move all the fields to the window on the right. Click Next.

create a form in Access using the Form wizard

From the list of layout options choose Columnar and click Next.

Name your form Club Members and select the Open the form to view or enter information option and click Finish.

Use the new Form
You will see a form on the screen and you can use this to view the data in the table.

Use the navigation buttons at the foot of the screen (First Record, Next Record, Previous Record, Last Record) to move through the records in the table.

You can also enter a new record by clicking the New (blank) record button.

Do this and enter data for this player:

Sam Cousens, Grade: B, Fees unpaid, a member for 2 years born on 3/7/1978.

 enter data using a form in Access

Edit the form and add an image
You can add a logo or other image to the form by clicking Home tab > View >Design View for the form. Click the Form Design Tools > Design tab and click Insert Image. > Browse. Find an image to use on your form on your drive, select it and then drag to create a box on the form in which it will now appear.

To resize the image, right click the image and choose Properties and click the Format tab. Set the Size Mode to Zoom and the Picture Alignment to Top Left and then use the sizing handles to size the image.

add an image to an access form

You can also resize some of the form text boxes if they are overly large.

When you are done, choose Home > View > Form View to return to using and viewing your form.

access form for data entry

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