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Projectwoman - means nothing but tutorials..

I'm Helen Bradley and I am the face behind I am a lifestyle journalist and I write about photography, computer software and arts and crafts.

I am an expatriate Australian and I live in sunny California. My specialty is writing hands-on tutorials for everything from editing photos and using Microsoft Office applications to creating art and paper crafts. In short, I do fun things and I think I have the dream job - I actually get paid to mess around with Photoshop! How great is that?

I write heaps of columns each month for magazines and online providers all around the world. In fact, my columns appear in some of the world's best and biggest magazines: from the US to the UK and from Australia to Canada and beyond. I also create how to videos showing how to do all sorts of things.

My columns also appear in foreign translations - it's fun to see your work translated into languages like Greek and Japanese - although I confess I don't understand much more than the by-line and a few words here and there in those stories even though I wrote them.

I love what I do, and I do what I love. I've turned what was my hobby: photography, computers and scrapbooking, into a job - life doesn't get much better than that.



I sell clothing and other items featuring my Fine Art Photography at CafePress.

My fave tutorial:

Working with Photoshop Adjustment Layers
This is my new fave tutorial, and I hope you enjoy it.. you'll find lots more on the articles page..