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Free Hand Drawn Frame Brushes for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

I love drawing and I absolutely love brushes so it was only natural for me to make a custom brush set based on my widely popular hand drawn frame series. These Photoshop brushes look great and can be used in nearly endless combinations to give your Photoshop art the pop it needs.

There are 21 brushes in the set and they come as large as 2500 pixels, which is as big as Photoshop brushes can be, so you can easily resize them to fit your needs.

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hand drawn frame brushes

The set includes some Zentangle ® style frames, doodles, subtle floral shapes and heavier line designs. In fact, there's something for everyone here and the big heart one you can see in the illustration is probably one of my favorite ever frames...I just love it and I hope you will too.

Of course, I say these brushes are for Photoshop but you can also add them to your Photoshop Elements collection and in Gimp too - what's not to like about that?

Licence information:
These brushes are free to use for non commercial purposes. That means you can use them for your own personal projects but you are not permitted to make money from them or any derivative work and you may not give them or any derivative work away.

You may not host the brushes on your website or any other site for download - this is expressly prohibited in all circumstances (personal or commercial). All downloads must be facilitated from this page.

Low cost commercial licences are available - email me at for details.

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