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Photoshop: Free Shape Sets

There are heaps of good free sets of Shapes on the web. I've gathered up my favorites.

This is not an exhaustive list but everyone of them is on my computer and I've tested them. More than that, I've listed the rights for each as at the time I downloaded them.

So, if you're designing for commercial work, you'll know if you can use the set or if you need permissions - check the shape sets for the exact requirements for use commercially.

Click any of the images to go direct to the download site and click here to learn how to install your new shapes.

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Banners and scrolls

Banners + Scrolls Shapes

A set of Photoshop custom shapes made up of various vectors of banners, scrolls, and other bits of parchment.

You must credit the designer either as “Obsidian Dawn” or If you use these shapes or patterns commercially, credit the designer or request a commercial licence.

Picture of 14 valentine heart shapes for free download

Valentine Heart Shapes
14 hearts

These are my own shapes. There are 14 heart shapes paths for Photoshop.

They are free to use for non-commercial purposes. May not be given away and may only be downloaded from this site. Commercial licences are available.

30 free sunburst shapes


30 Photoshop Sunburst Shapes
30 shapes

These are a great collection of custom sunburst shapes for Photoshop. Some are regular shapes and others deliciously twisted and irregular. They are from - via my favourite site

These shapes are completely free to use without restriction. No link back is required but you can tell the designer if you found them useful.

free shapes for photoshop kids stuff


Free Kiddy Stuff Shapes
72 shapes


This is a grab bag of shapes rendered in a range of styles - some very smooth vectors and some with very jagged edges. Some I like, some I don't but overall I think many are worth the time taken downloading them.

Designer would like you to rate the images as a fave if you use them.

31 urban designs free shapes


Urban Designs Vector Shapes
31 vector shapes

This is another mixed bag but I love the buildings and some of the free form shapes and they are good quality shapes with good edges. You could create an entire graphic just using this collection because of its variety of objects.

Designer has a clear cut set of usage guidelines which includes availability of a commercial licence.

24 quirky shapes

Custom Shapes Mix
24 shapes

This is a quirky bundle of shapes - unusual and I'm not sure I would use but half of them but the circular ones have retro feel about them that I love - sort of Photoshop shapes meets The Jetsons.

Free to use. Designer would like to hear from you if you use them.

paisley shapes


Paisley shapes
24 shapes


These shapes look like they've been taken from an old lace doiley or something - not all are paisley but it is a pretty group of shapes - they would look great in scrapbooking or for lace effects.

If you have trouble extracting from a .rar file use this link to download a regular zip file version.

free flames shapes


14 flames shapes
14 shapes

This is a simple but cute collection of flames.

All the Graphics are free but hosting, selling and distributing of these shapes is not permitted.

free cloud shapes


Cloud Shapes
7 shapes


A small but handy collection of cloud shapes.

No licence information offered.

free social networking shapes


Social Networking shapes
lotsa shapes here

If you need a Digg or YouTube link that doesn't look like all the others this collection is for you - yummy hand drawn shapes for all your favorite sites.

Free for personal and commercial use - no attribution required.

(c) 2018, Helen Bradley, All Rights Reserved.